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Key West "Surprise" Proposal

Updated: Feb 2

Six years ago Bob and Jacqui went on their first date. They found the enjoy many things in common such as movie nights, camping dining out. They also both enjoy tailgating and watching the Detroit Lions win. Most of all, though, they came to be there for each other. With an upcoming trip to Key West, Bob decided it would be a good time to propose. He made all the arrangements to propose and then had to keep it from Jacqui. He mentioned the proposal might be the first time he was able to surprise her in their six years of dating.

On the day of the proposal, Bob took Jacqui to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park to see the fort and then watch sunset. After visiting the fort and learning of its history dating back to the Civil War era, they walked towards the water to take in the beautiful view of the ocean and the mostly uninhabited Keys to the west. Little did Jacqui know photos were being taken by an undercover proposal photographer hiding out behind some trees as they walked along the water's edge. When Bob reached the planned location, he stopped, held Jacqui's hands and then dropped to one knee to ask her to marry him. Jacqui replied "Yes" followed by hugs and many looks at the beautiful ring Bob placed on her finger.

Congratulations Bob and Jacqui! We wish you many years of happiness together!

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