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Key West Beach Proposal at Higgs Beach

High school sweethearts marrying and living a lifetime romance is a classic love story. Alex and Julia are several years into writing their own version of that classic tale. They met during their sophomore year for homecoming and have been dating since. Throughout their journey as a couple they've discovered many things about each other and what has made their relationship special. They make each other laugh, but find each other dependable as well. Most of all, though, they're able to be themselves around each other. Alex thought a Key West beach proposal would be a great way to surprise Julia. They made dinner reservations at Louie's Backyard and Alex suggested they go to Higgs Beach for a drink at Salute! On The Beach beforehand. After they got to Higgs Beach, Alex asked Julia to walk on the beach. Little did Julia know that in a few moments Alex would be on one knee asking her to marry him. As they approached a quiet beach location near Martello West Tower, Alex stopped, held her hand for a moment, then dropped to one knee and proposed to her. She was caught completely off guard, but still managed to answer "Yes!" in between her expressions of shock and amazement.

A man is down on one knee for a Key West beach proposal to his girlfriend

A man is presenting an engagement ring to his fiance near West Martello Tower and the Key West Garden Club

After a KeyWest beach proposal at Higgs Beach, a couple is leaning against the wall of a fort for couples photos

A young and newly engaged couple is walking on Higgs Beach after their beach proposal

A man and woman are kissing near a palm tree at the White Street Pier in Key West, Florida

A man and woman are about to kiss at the White Street Pier in Key West while the sky has sunset colors in it


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