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 Photography FAQ


Where do you do photography?  Anywhere!  I have photographed people and events in Ohio, Florida, Virginia and Georgia.  I'm primarily based out of Key West and Ohio, but I'm willing to travel.

Do you provide digital photos or prints and wall art? I am able to provide digital photos; prints, including large wall art pieces; albums, yard banners, signs and more, all created through professional photo labs.  When we discuss your needs, we can get into more detail about the different types of digital and tangible deliverables that are available.  In the meantime, here's a link to a catalogue of which I'm able to provide most of the items: (link opens in new tab)

Do you have a studio? I rent studio space when it is needed for a shoot, but do not have my own dedicated studio with my own sign hanging out front.  That doesn't stop me from getting awesome photos.  In fact, it allows me greater flexibility because I can work with a greater range of locations, both indoors and outdoors.

Why don't you have a studio?  With the type of work I perform, a lot of the work is done on location or at other indoor locations.  Maintaining my own studio would be a big distraction from creating awesome images for you!

Do you provide wedding photography services? I photograph elopements and small weddings as a sole photographer, but do not photograph large weddings unless it is to assist another photographer.  For large Key West weddings, I recommend Rachel E. Ligon, whom I assist as an associate photographer.

Where can I buy one of your original photos? Coast to Summit Images is my landscape photography brand.  You can visit the Coast to Summit Images website or my Etsy store

Will you do freelance assignments? Sometimes.  Contact me and let's talk about what you have in mind.


How much do you charge?  I've found that each client and session is unique, so I can provide more information after we discuss what you have in mind.  However, to give you some idea, here are some starting prices that include the session and minimally retouched digital photos for you to share or make small prints on your own or through the photo lab of your choice (unless otherwise noted):

Elopements & Small Wedding: Starting at $900

Lifestyle, Vacation & Adventure Sessions:  Starting at $450

Creative Portraits (including Senior Portraits): Custom quoted

Professional Headshots: Starting at $300 for the session, plus additional per fully retouched photo

Do you offer mini sessions? I occasionally offer mini sessions where you can reserve one of the available session times at the designated session location. Mini sessions are only available when offered.


Do you provide props? I don't provide props, but you should feel free to bring props that help you be you!  Musical instruments, sports equipment, your car, your airplane, whatever you want. The only constraints are the amount of time and locations we have for the session.

Can I have a photo with my pet?  Sure!  I recommend you include your pet only if you feel it will be really cooperative.  You don't want to use too much of your session time coaxing an uncooperative pet to hold the right pose.  Don't forget to bring along something to get the hair off your clothing.  Unfortunately, we cannot help you maintain control of your pet during the session.  If you include your pet, please make sure you have someone with you that can take control of your pet.

Can a parent be at the senior session?  Absolutely!  Your parent can be a big help on a special day like this.

Can a friend come to my session?  Your session is all about you.  If you'd like a friend to help bring out your true self, then your friend is welcome.

Can my parent or friend take photos of me during the session?  No.  Today is your day and I want to concentrate on making it great.  If your parent or friend is distracted by taking their own photos, they won't be focused on you.  Focusing on you is the whole point.

How can I change outfits when we're shooting on location?  If there is no other way to change outfits, I have a portable changing tent that is commonly used for on-location shoots.


What is your mailing address? 3930 S. Roosevelt Blvd, N304, Key West, FL 33040

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