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Jeremy and Madison - A Key West Sunset Proposal

Life... is it circular or linear? For Jeremy and Madison, it's both. They first met while attending Auburn University. Although they knew each other, a romantic relationship didn't develop. Life continued its linear course, taking them each down their own path for several years. In 2019, the circular part of life took over. They were both living in the same east coast city, started to see each other and this time a romantic relationship was kindled. They started doing activities they both enjoyed such as hiking, camping and snowboarding. When they're not out on an adventure, they enjoy cooking together and trying new foods. Their home is full of love, not just for each other, but also for their yellow lab, Ziggy, and two cats, Lilly and Baxter.

In February, Jeremy and Madison had plans to travel to Key West for a wedding. Having been to the island before, Jeremy knew a Key West proposal would be a lifelong memory of a beautiful moment in a beautiful place. He made all the preparations for a beach proposal to be followed by engagement photography leading into sunset. During their visit he told Madison he wanted to watch sunset before going to dinner as a way to get her to the beach dressed for the occasion. They casually strolled along the beach and then stopped, standing side by side to look out at the ocean. Jeremy turned to face Madison, then knelt down and asked Madison to marry him. As soon as she saw the ring box, her hands went straight to her face from the surprise. She answered "Yes!" Hugs, tears and tender moments followed. During their engagement photography session, their adventurous sides came out. They ventured out onto a rock jetty for photos and a few minutes later, Jeremy picked up Madison and held her while spinning. They did what Jeremy set out to accomplish - a marriage proposal in a beautiful place that will be a lifetime memory.

Congratulations Jeremy and Madison! We wish you many happy years and many more lifetime memories together.

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Jeremy and Madison's Proposal Slideshow

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