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Ben and Erica: A Sunset Proposal Captured by a Key West Photographer

Updated: Mar 19

It was a beautiful day for a Key West beach proposal. Although the air felt cool, the sun was shining, there were low puffy clouds and the sky was a soft blue. They were the ingredients for a fantastic Key West sunset to develop over the next hour. The turquoise water of the Florida Keys had the smallest of ripples and provided a picture perfect backdrop for Ben to propose to Erica, his girlfriend of six years. A suggestion of watching sunset before dinner was how he worked the upcoming special moment into their evening. Once they arrived at Smathers Beach, they casually walked along the beach while the Key West photographer Ben hired snapped photos of them from an inconspicuous place further away from the water. When Ben and Erica reached the spot that had been planned for the proposal, Ben held her hands while speaking words meant only for her. He then dropped to one knee. Erica's hands went straight to her heart as a huge smile appeared on her face. The ring was presented and Ben asked her to marry him. "Yes" was followed by Erica placing her left hand towards Ben so he could put the ring on her finger. Hugs, kisses, smiles and laughs came right after the engagement ring was on. As the sky became dimmer and the clouds progressed from soft white to yellow, pink and finally hazy purple, this happy couple had engagement photos taken around the beach while showing their love for each other.

Best wishes to you, Ben and Erica. May you have many wonderful years together enjoying family, hiking, camping and walking Callie. Life has many more magical moments ahead for you.

Erica and Ben's Proposal Slideshow



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