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Priscila and Sidney: Key West Wedding

Priscila and Sidney’s love story started early in 2022.  Both are avid runners and involved in sports which led to them meeting.  Their attraction for each was strong and they began to date the next month, followed quickly by introductions to family and friends.  They discovered they not only balance each other well, they also complete each other in unique ways that add to their love story.  After several months of dating, Sidney knew he wanted to propose to Priscila.  However, before doing so, he made a point to talk to his three and her two children.  No easy task, all five children and Sidney were able to keep the secret that a marriage proposal was in the works.  While they were all at dinner on a family vacation in Orlando in December, in an adorable and memorable way, Sidney surprised Priscila by asking her to marry him.  She said “yes” and during that same dinner they decided to have a beach wedding.  Since Sidney and Priscila live in Brazil, but some of the children live in Florida, they wanted to have their wedding in beautiful, tropical, laid back Key West where watching spectacular sunsets is their favorite thing to do.

On a beautiful, calm and comfortable late afternoon in December, Priscila, sporting a pair of hightop Chuck Taylor Converse shoes, arrived for her Key West wedding on Smathers Beach in a classic ’57 Chevy.  With a beaming smile, she was escorted by her son and father to the front of a group of close friends and family where her handsome groom was waiting.  She and Sidney held hands and exchanged vows as the sunset added color to the gorgeous skies over the the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  After the beach ceremony, the energy of their family took over the dance floor at their Havana Cabana reception. By the end of the night, a Key West wedding and celebration of their love for each other was another memorable day in their journey together.

Congratulations to Priscila, Sidney, all five of their children and their families.  We wish you a lifetime of happiness.

Photographer: Mark Funkhouser

Photography Assistant: Jess Warne

Reception and '57 Chevy: Havana Cabana

Entertainment: DJ Vlad

Officiant: Carl Ferrete


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