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Chris & Alison: The Reach Resort Proposal Captured by a Key West Photographer

Chris and Alison have a timeless love story. It's one of first love being enduring love destined to last a lifetime. They met through family friends when they were just 16 years old, quickly becoming best friends before a deeper relationship developed. Their first Valentine's Day was not too long after they started to date and Chris, a young romantic, gave Alison a princess promise ring. Nine years later, during a trip to Key West, he planned to take his promise to the next level by proposing to her. Still a romantic, Chris wanted to make the proposal special. He also wanted to make sure they would have good memories of it for decades to come so he hired a Key West photographer to capture the moment and Alison's reaction. Dinner reservations at Four Marlins Restaurant in The Reach Resort were made and everything was ready for the evening and moment of the proposal.

Chris, Alison and Chris's parents arrived for dinner. As they ate, little did Alison know Chris had been coordinating the upcoming proposal for several weeks. Chris asked Alison to go for a walk out to the pier and gazebo for a better look at the ocean and see how sunset developing that evening. They peered out over the ocean for a few moments and then Chris unsuspectingly led Alison to the center of the gazebo where the turquoise waters of the Florida Keys were the background. He held her hands, spoke to her and then kneeled down while reaching for the ring box in his pocket. He asked the question he always knew he would ask: "Will you marry me?" Alison, surprise evident with her hands over her mouth, gave the answer she always knew she was give: "Yes." Best friends through everything, these two soulmates became engaged while bystanders and Chris's parents cheered and offered congratulations.

We wish Chris and Alison all the best as they start the next chapter in their lives together.

Chris and Alison's Key West Proposal Slideshow

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License code: AAEL2BYJS5FJB4VG

Photographer: Mark Funkhouser


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