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Fort Zachary Taylor Proposal

Shawn and Chloe met in college and had been dating ever since. They love to travel and Key West became one of their favorite places to visit. Shawn decided he wanted to propose to Chloe during their upcoming visit to Key West. There was just one catch. They were going to be in Key West for Chloe's sister's wedding. Shawn talked to her sister and they both agreed a proposal a couple days after the wedding wouldn't detract from the wedding vibes of the trip. The proposal was on.

Shawn and I spoke and came up with a plan for how the proposal would happen. He and I both knew where to be and when to be there. There was only one issue, which is always a possibility with a proposal at the beach. As soon as they got to the beach, Chloe was quickly in her bathing suit and ready to cool off in the water on that warm Key West day. Shawn eventually convinced her to take a walk. However, Chloe, who had no idea what was about to happen, didn't want to put back on her sun dress. They walked together and once they got to the place Shawn and I had planned, he dropped to one knee to propose and she said "yes."

I'm very happy for Shawn and Chloe and wish them a lifetime of happiness together. Best wishes to you!

A marriage proposal is about to happen at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park Beach in Key West, Florida

Proposal photography in Key West, Florida.  A man makes a marriage proposal to his girlfriend at the beach.

A man places an engagement ring after a marriage proposal at a Key West beach

Engagement photography in Key West, Florida

Engagement photography in Key West, Florida

A recently engaged couple has their photo taken in front of Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, Florida

A couple poses for engagement photography in Key West, Florida

A newly engaged couple has their photo taken at the beach in Key West, Florida


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