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Proposal & Engagement Photography in Key West

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We've got your engagement covered, even if it's an undercover proposal.

Whether you're going to propose or are already engaged, we've got you covered with our engagement photography and surprise proposal photography sessions.  If it's a surprise proposal, we'll start by being undercover and get candid photos of the two of you as you casually walk around your favorite Key West location.  When you give the simple cue and drop to one knee, we'll come out from hiding and photograph the reaction as you say those romantic words, "Will you marry me?"  After the hugs, kisses and maybe a few tears of surprise and happiness, we'll get engagement photos of the two of you.

If you're already engaged and want to get engagement photos in a beautiful tropical location, we've got that covered too.  Key West has a wide variety of settings and at least one of them is perfect for capturing your love for each other.

Your proposal done your way.

You've done most of the work.  You fell in love. You bought the ring. You made the travel plans to come to Key West.  We'll help you get across the finish line by handling the proposal details. Do you want to propose in a ring of roses? Would you like your new finacee to receive flowers after she says "Yes!"? Do you have something else in mind to make your proposal extra special? Let us know how we can help make your proposal get done your way.

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