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Seven Sisters Reunite in the Florida Keys for a Family Photography Tradition

The Florida Keys are the perfect setting for getting away and sometimes that can mean reuniting in paradise. That's what these seven sisters did. It was a tradition for them to get their photo taken as a group when they were younger. But, life has a way of leading sisters down different paths and making it difficult for everyone to come together. 2023 marked a change in that for these seven sisters. Nancy and her husband visit Islamorada each winter and this year she extended an invitation to all of her sisters. In typical Florida Keys magic, all of the sisters were able to visit over the same week. They decided to take the opportunity to keep alive their tradition of getting photos so they booked a Florida Keys family photography session, albeit with a long break since their last group photos. The day was hot and breezy, but that didn't stop these sisters from having a great time and capturing great photos that show just how close they are and how much fun they have together. Cheers and wishes to many more years of sisterhood, family love and great times!

Sisters getting family photography among the palm trees in Islamorada

Sisters laughing while having a Florida Keys family photography session

Sisters on the beach in Islamorada for a photography session

Family photography in Key West Florida

Sisters having a Florida Keys photographer Mark Funkhouser take their photos near the beach

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